The new O'Leary Forum is now on-line

Any interested person is now invited to join the new O'Leary Forum, created to discuss 'All things O'Leary'.  To join go to and press the button marked 'Need to register' near the bottom right of the home page. From there on just follow the instructions to sign up.

The O'Leary Gathering 2017

The 2017 O'Leary Clan Gathering will take place in Creedons Hotel, Inchigeelagh, County Cork, Ireland  8th. to 10th. September.   Information available soon.

A big failté to the O'Leary website, produced and updated in Uibh Laoire Parish, County Cork, Ireland - The ancestral home of the O'Leary Clan. Uibh Laoire translates as The O'Leary Home.
In these pages, we hope to tell you about:-
The history of the O’Learys
The connection between the O’Learys and Inchigeelagh
A bit about famous O’Learys from the clan’s history
The annual O’Leary gathering in Inchigeelagh, County Cork.
For further information, contact The O'Leary Gathering Commitee on the contact page.